We have a two tier space enabling writers to paint on top of each other, or to paint large scale productions over 16ft high. One wall is smooth concrete and the other is smooth brick. We have ladders and scaffolding on-site available to artists with less fear of heights. The Graffiti Jams are open to all writers and space is arranged prior to the event. If you’d like to paint at the Boiler House at any time, or get involved in the jams please get in touch.

Graffiti Walls painted @ the Boiler House.

Traffic event – Best, Bird


BRS Crew Jam – Chok, Best, Skyhigh, Four, Mix

Invention of Colour – Best

Bird and Best – Mighty Heroes




Halloween wall

NO FRILLS Joiner.. Amie, Tes, Howl, Reaf, Devas, Poster, Best



Enta and Rens TLC

KFO Jam photos… 1st joiner.. Best Zare Shimz Ergo Phon Gumbo.. 2nd Joiner.. Tes Gutoe Amie Desk Mask Dom

Best, News, Karm

Rarebit, Karm, Eek

Row Row Row the boat – Karm, News, Best

Mish Mash wall… Kem, Mef, Zare, Diva, Squid, Best, Vomet, Onenil, Nerve, Karm, Sian.

Zare / Shimz @ the KEMEF Jam

Wise @ the KEMEF jam

Gorf Memorial Jam

Karm / Best

peelS and Best – DONDI Tribute


peelS – Dec ’10

Christmas Jam 2010 – Wise, Nerve, Best, Cont, Stone, Smak, Eek

Christmas Jam 2010 – Toks, Magick, Refs

Christmas Jam 2010 – Morg, Rens, Enta, AG

Christmas Jam 2010 – Pyklopz

Best – Wallpaper styles

Best, Rarebit, Bird… The Gaza Strip club

News, Best and Brain

Vaughn Bode tribute by Best and Peels

Squid and Ockula

RIP SEN… Peels and Best

Twok and Safe

Outside wall painted during the SIN Cru exhibition. Seks, Skire, Kak, Upstart and Kilo.

All in Together Jam… this wall is an all female line-up.. Miss Panic, Unity and Pyklopz. The piece below is by Enta, one of the Roxe Jam organisers.

Bird, Best, Viral

ROXE Jam Fundraiser – Smak, Rarebit, Bird

ROXE Jam Fundraiser – Refah, Magick, Defs, Nerve, News

Jam Joiner… Curse, Smak, Rarebit, Mis, Gorf, Bagel, Slig, Ripe

Try, Ames

Gorf, Inker, Best


Hindu Gods production by News, Amoe, Nerve, Bird, Best, Kilo, Rarebit and Smak

Rudy by Best


Skot featuring Jay



Mek and Safe




Rollered by Best

Nightshift Productions

Andy o’rourke and Domunism

Skot – Richard Pryor

Andy Fung


Dropping Bombs – Bird, Best and Solve

Resh – Nightmare in Graf

Squid and Best – Ghandi’s dream

Frisk – Vicious

Bird 272 and Best.. Uncle Jester

MK crew.. Karm, Nerve and News

Squid… Winnie Churchy!

Best and Bird.. part 2 of the Mega-Drive walls.


Brain and Best.. The first in the Mega-Drive series.


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